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one of those chats that makes a diffrence yet doesn't.

Pumpakinmush: how art thou?
CartmansLuvSlave: thou art fine.
Pumpakinmush: does thou seek knowledge?
CartmansLuvSlave: noith.
CartmansLuvSlave: does thou?
Pumpakinmush: nay, does thou seek peace?
CartmansLuvSlave: noith
CartmansLuvSlave: does thou?
Pumpakinmush: Nay. I seek wisdome from another world.
CartmansLuvSlave: i seek peace for the peacefull, i seek wisdom for the misled, and i seek knowlege for unknowlegeable.
CartmansLuvSlave: and i wish all unto the brave
CartmansLuvSlave: i wish kindness unto every man and woman
Pumpakinmush: ah, but does thy know thee lord?
CartmansLuvSlave: if they love the lord they go to heaven, if they love their fellow man the go to same.
Pumpakinmush: nay, the lord takith thy followers
CartmansLuvSlave: thy does not need to know the lord to be a good man.
Pumpakinmush: oh but thy lord seekith worship
CartmansLuvSlave: thy lord seekith love and peace if he seekith oterwise he is no lord
CartmansLuvSlave: thy lord is no tyrent, he loves thy man and thy woman, he seekith what is best for every man.
Pumpakinmush: then thou must follow satan
Pumpakinmush: satan is the way
Pumpakinmush: the light
Pumpakinmush: and the truth
CartmansLuvSlave: satan is nor good nor evil
Pumpakinmush: satan is thy fallin angel
Pumpakinmush: follow satan
Pumpakinmush: and he will show you the way
CartmansLuvSlave: satan gives us choices.
CartmansLuvSlave: without choices we are doomed
CartmansLuvSlave: we must makeith the right choices
CartmansLuvSlave: satan was juged.
Pumpakinmush: thou is judged by thee lord
CartmansLuvSlave: when there was bad in the world we choice thy mislead.
CartmansLuvSlave: and satan fell from heaven.
CartmansLuvSlave: an inocint angel.
Pumpakinmush: lucifer seekith thy followers
Pumpakinmush: thou shalt not follow thy lord
Pumpakinmush: for thy lord is thy true evil
CartmansLuvSlave: which lord?
CartmansLuvSlave: is lucifer thy god?
Pumpakinmush: thy lord
CartmansLuvSlave: is so called god thy satan?
Pumpakinmush: tis un important
CartmansLuvSlave: tis very importent
Pumpakinmush: the important thing is, that thou must seek thy truth
CartmansLuvSlave: and wisdom
Pumpakinmush: and thou shalt sacrifice a virgin lamb at midnight on the holy sunday of december
CartmansLuvSlave: thou-...
CartmansLuvSlave: shalt not
Pumpakinmush: thou shalt stop speaking this way
CartmansLuvSlave: fineith
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